Organic Cold-Pressed CBD Oil

The best CBD oil to buy in Ireland & UK is whole plant oil; certified organic and food safe tested.

Seshat CBD+ supports body and mind’s natural ability to restore balance. Bringing calm, rest and relief from the stresses of modern living.

We harness all the natural goodness of organic hemp without chemical alteration. Our premium quality CBD oil offers you the best safe and natural supporting CBD hemp product you can buy.

Best CBD oil is Cold-Pressed CBD and Certified Organic 🌿

CBD Hemp Flower Harvested at its Peak
Harvested at its Peak

Safety and quality tested hemp CBD oils. Free from heavy metals and contaminants. Rich in CBD-CBDa, other cannabinoids, Terpenes, Omegas 3 6 and healthful micronutrients.

Superior Cold Pressed hemp oil extracted
Superior Cold Pressed CBD

The hemp flowers and leaves are gently dried and pressed using only mechanical means. Cold pressed CBD retains all the natural goodness taste and aromas of the whole plant with no chemical alteration.

Best UK CBD Oil Calm Rest Relief
Calm Rest Relief
Safe notified food supplements. The finished product is certified organic and food safe. Supporting body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance; promoting Calm, Rest and Relief.

Seshat CBD+ Cold Pressed CBD Oil

Restore and Maintain Balance

Calm 😌 – Rest 😴 – Relief 😊

Buy CBD Oil in its most natural form.

Certified Organic 🌿 Whole Plant Oil. Cold Pressed CBD using only mechanical means.

30ml bottle contains:

The beneficial synergy of the Whole Plant.

1000 mg Total CBD ( cbd – cbda oil ) 25 mg x 40 servings.

Food safe, rich source of cold pressed phytocannabinoids, terpenes, omegas 3 6 and other phytonutrients. Nothing added nor taken away.

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What Our Customers Say

Fuel Your Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an integral part of the body’s optimal functioning. Hemp compounds including CBD, CBDa and other cannabinoids and terpenes when absorbed in the body interact with the ECS via a network of cannabinoid cell receptors. They offer support to the ECS’s ability to promote balance and optimal health.

Certified organic European hemp is used to produce our premium quality product. No chemicals or solvents are used in the extraction process. Chemically unaltered to bring you the most complete hemp supplement. The cannabinoids, terpenes and healthful nutrients work in a synergistic way to provide the best safe and natural supporting CBD hemp product you can buy.

Quality and Transparency

It is our commitment to provide genuinely top-quality products you can trust. We don’t and never intend to use synthetics, isolates, cannabinoid enrichment, or any other adulteration of the natural form.

We do not sell novel foods, that’s what makes our cold pressed CBD oil the best CBD oil in Uk and Ireland.

To ensure a safe, consistent, and effective product our food safe notified supplement is safety and quality tested. You can view and download our independent 3rd party test lab reports.

Reasons To Choose Seshat CBD+ Hemp Oil

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a communication system found throughout the body. While not completely understood, research indicates the ECS plays an integral part in optimal functioning. Involved in pain perception, inflammatory response, motor activity, mood, immune response and so much more. Responding to physiological stressors on body and mind. It works to maintain a healthy state of inner balance.

As part of the ECS, your body produces chemical messengers called endocannabinoids. Phyto cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) and other hemp compounds interact with cell receptors in the body in a similar way. Research suggests they may support the ECS’s normal ability to promote health and well-being.

Seshat CBD+ is a natural product; a superior cold pressed CBD oil. Maintaining all the compounds of hemp without chemical alteration. As a whole food supplement, it may support your body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance; bringing calm, rest and relief from the stresses of modern living.

CBD is only one of a 100+ cannabinoids, and one of over 400 phytochemicals in the Hemp plant. Studies researching the effects of CBD have found that it often seems to work better with other hemp compounds rather than in isolation. This is known as Synergy; the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. In Hemp terms it’s referred to as the Entourage effect.

CBD working in a synergistic way with all the cannabinoids, terpenes and healthful micro nutrients of hemp as they naturally occur. That’s the ‘+’ in Seshat CBD+ our product is more than just CBD. This we believe offers greater therapeutic potential. It’s the hemp extra you will not find in isolate or enriched products elsewhere.

CBDA or cannabidiolic acid, is cannabidiol in its raw live form, found in a growing plant. It makes up a large proportion of our 1000mg of total CBD, as it should do being a cold pressed product. Check out our Cannabinoid test results for further details. Cannabinoids in our product occur naturally there are no additives or enrichment.

As part of a balanced diet, consuming cannabinoids and the other partnering hemp compounds as food supplements, may support the activity of the ECS to help maintain a healthy balance for body and mind.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is 100% EU certified organic, naturally Vegan, Gluten Free and non GMO. Certified organic soil and seed produce safe hemp plants. Organic food is often more nutrient rich. BTW hemp is a non-gluten producing plant and there are no known GMO strains.

Why is Organic hemp important?

The Hemp plant is a bio accumulator, it absorbs and holds onto substances. While this is good for nutrient retention, it also means contaminated soil and ground water can lead to the uptake of heavy metals, pesticides and other non food safe compounds.

In fact, so good hemp is used to clean up environmental disasters, a process called Phytoremediation. Researchers were able to show how Hemp successfully cleaned up lead, cadmium and nickel from lands near Chernobyl. In Puglia Italy, 100’s of farmers in 2011 took the collective action to plant industrial hemp on mass and clean up their lands. Pollution caused by a massive steel mill in the region.

Ensure you can view and download SAFETY TESTS before consuming. For Food Safety look for 3rd party Safety and Profile testing you can view and download. You’ll find ours here at Test reports page.

Cold pressed CBD oil is a complete hemp extract. The traditional cold pressed method uses only mechanical means. This is the same method used for centuries to extract superior extra virgin olive. Cold pressing is 100% natural and a food safe method of extraction.

All the natural goodness, taste and aromas of the whole plant™.

It’s not just about CBD, it’s about overall synergy. Our cold pressed CBD oil is full spectrum CBD oil in the true sense. Maintaining all the delicate nutrients like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and essential amino acids.

Cold pressing CBD oil is the only method to preserve all the plant compounds without chemical alteration. Slow, low temperature mechanical pressing produces a safe food grade whole plant CBD oil. Protecting the plant’s natural composition, CBD and all its partnering constituents remain intact. This ensures the natural synergy of all the hemp plant without enrichment, or isolation of compounds.

Your body recognises food and makes best use of it when consumed whole.

Keeping it as close as nature provides, our mechanically cold pressed CBD Hemp oil is a food safe hemp complete extract. One of a handful of products classed as food and not novel foods in Europe and the UK. Know that when you choose Seshat CBD+ you are choosing one of the very best CBD oils in Ireland and the UK.

How is Cold Pressed CBD oil better than Co2 supercritical?

Co2 supercritical extract:

In contrast, the words Cold Pressed CBD Oil is sometimes used to sell Co2 Supercritical extract, and or its isolated version with cold pressed hemp seed oil. Sometimes called a solventless method; however, Co2 in supercritical form is a solvent, being able to dissolve a substances. Technically its a low temperature process, but not a traditional mechanical pressing of the plant.

Supercritical is a semi liquid, semi gaseous state. Co2 in a super critical state creates extreme pressures to compress and force Co2 through the hemp material. It destroys the cell wall to produce an orange foam precursor. This is further refined before it resembles a ‘natural’ oil usually orange or yellow in colour. When highly refined Co2 extract produces CBD isolate which is devoid of all other hemp compounds.

The main benefit of Co2 supercritical extract is high yield that favours high volume production and maximising output. In fact, 90+% of all CBD oil is produced this way. It is considered a novel food extraction method as it can enrich and isolate compounds through ‘tuning’ of temperature and pressure.

Determining high quality cold pressed cbd oil from Co2 and isolate sold as Cold pressed

Buyer beware. Cold Pressed CBD oils may just be cold pressed hemp seed oil with CBD isolate added or Co2 extract marketed at cold pressed CBD. Isolate CBD is usually mixed with MCT oil as a carrier oil. Yet, there are marketeers using cold pressed hemp seed oil to market the CBD product as a cold pressed CBD. Technically it is a cold pressed cbd product but not whole plant.

Always look for 3rd party lab test results. If there is only CBD, and very little else then it’s Isolate. If there are some cannabinoids and terpenes, with very high concentrations of CBD, it’s most likely added CBD isolate. Otherwise if you are unsure ask the direct question; Is this from Isolate or Co2 extract? and confirm with backup.

What about Ethanol extraction?

Ethanol is a harsh alcohol solvent. Instead of forcing Co2 through the plant material, ethanol is used to draw out the compounds. The raw cannabis plant material is soaked in ethanol. A distillation process is then used to pull out the solvent and plant compounds. The solvent is then flushed out of the final CBD product to remove most traces of ethanol. In terms of CBD food supplements ethanol extractions are considered novel foods. If you opt for an ethanol extraction be sure to check for safety lab results for solvent residue and other contaminants.

None of the naturally occurring compounds in our product cause an intoxicating effect. Our product is safe and non-impairing. It will not get you ‘high’.

The primary psychoactive (also called psychotropic) cannabinoid found in medicinal and recreational cannabis is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC). Under the misuse of drugs act THC is a controlled substance because it can have an intoxicating effect on the brain and nervous system, leading to changes in a person’s mental state. Studies indicate an adult would have to consume 2.5-5mg of Δ9-THC to produce measurable impairing effects.

In contrast, CBD does not have an impairing effect. In fact in medicinal THC products CBD is used to mitigate against the psychoactive effects of THC so that the patient receives the therapeutic benefits without the impairing high of pure THC.

Seshat CBD+ is tested by 3rd party labs to ensure Δ9 THC is well below the European Food Safety Authority’s acute reference dose for human consumption. Trace levels if present are always below the lab’s limit of quantitation (LOQ) or remain undetected. Based on the EFSA’s ARfD this ensures our products are always non-impairing and safe to consume.

As a mechanically cold pressed product Seshat CBD+ is chemically unaltered and is as close to its plant source as possible. This is what makes our product a food supplement that does not require novel food authorisation.

The purpose of Novel food authorisation is to prove a product does not cause harm and is fit for human consumption.

What makes a CBD product a novel food?

Where CBD or cannabinoid products differ significantly from their plant source, they are considered novel foods. This includes any product that is synthetic, isolated, cannabinoids enriched or highly processed. To give some sense as to what this means for the market, about 99% of CBD oil products fall under this category.

Technically, it is a legal requirement to have an approved novel food application for most CBD products. However, currently there are NO approved CBD novel food applications in Europe or the UK. This means that the majority of CBD oil products on the market are yet to be confirmed safe for human consumption.

While there is clearly tolerance at present by authorities, consumer safety will see this change. You are likely to see greater press on this in 2022 and beyond.

If your ‘Natural’ CBD or full/broad spectrum oil is CLEAR, its Synthetic or Isolate. ORANGE / YELLOW it’s a Solvent extract, including Supercritical CO2. Cold pressed CBD oil is GREEN, just like the plant.

Cannabinoid extraction that is not mechanically cold pressed is likely to come under the scope of novel food regulation.

You can find more detail in our blog, Are you consuming safe CBD products?

When you consider the cannabis hemp 🌿 plant, its complexity of smell and taste lies in the aromatic terpenes, chlorophyll, and other botanicals compounds. It’s what processors do with the plant afterwards that determines what CBD oil tastes like.

By mechanically cold pressing our oils, all the compounds as they naturally occur are maintained. Resulting in the natural wholesome botanical taste of organic hemp remaining intact.

For more on this and what to expect from other brands see our blog post: What do CBD oil taste like?

To confirm our label content claims we have cannabinoid profiling carried out by third party labs. This is really a minimum you should expect from any CBD brand. To be able to view and download recent profile tests. We go further profiling helpful nutrients like terpenes and polyphenols.

Importantly and greatly over looked in the CBD industry for your safety and peace of mind we ensure our products are food safe.

Carrying out extensive testing with third party labs to confirm real product shelf life and ensuring no contaminants or heavy metals are present. For your safety we recommend only consuming Certified Organic Safety Tested Hemp products.

You will find our comprehensive test results here.

Our products are free from any flavourings, preservatives or colourings. Free from contaminants, synthetics, solvents or any other adulteration of the natural form.

Nothing added, nothing taken away. Just superior mechanically cold pressed CBD oil. Whole plant, food safe CBD with all the partnering compounds of the hemp plant without chemicals alteration.

Join the club! From the very first order we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases. That’s why we provide a worry free 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. If our cold pressed CBD oil superior natural product is not for you we will refund your purchase. See our Shipping & Returns policy for more details.

Free UK delivery. Free delivery Ireland. We currently offer free shipping on all orders to Ireland and the UK. Product is stocked in both countries to meet local needs. We offer low cost options to all other locations Worldwide.

The Ancient power of hemp rediscovered

Traditionally used for food, medicine, shelter and clothing, Hemp has been cultivated and consumed throughout the world for thousands of years. Research has discovered that similar to endocannabinoids produced in the body, Phytocannabinoids found in certain plants particularly the hemp plant interact with cell receptors. This includes the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a communication system of cell receptors that helps to regulate a healthy balance in the body.

The ECS is an integral part of your body. Its as important to optimal functioning as the digestive, vascular or nervous systems. The full extend to its functioning is not completely understood, however, research indicates its involvement in pain perception, inflammatory response, motor activity, mood, immune response and so much more.  

Consuming Cannabidiol (CBD), and the other partnering hemp compounds as part of a balanced diet, may support the activity of the ECS to help maintain a healthy balance for body and mind. CBD is commonly marketed, among other potential benefits for alleviating inflammatory and chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

Our oils are the finest quality cold pressings of organic hemp, with safety and quality backed by 3rd party lab testing. If you would like a deep dive into all things CBD and its partnering hemp compounds see our blog: CBD: No.1 guide.

We highly recommend you depend on independent unbiased research. For the latest published research on hemp and its constituents see Pub med. For consumer updates in the US see the FDA’s consumer updates. In Ireland FSAI’s CBD faq and for advise in the UK see the FSA’s site FSA UK consumer advise. Consumer recommendations and legal status can vary from country or state be sure to check as appropriate for you.

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