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More Than CBD Oil - Organic Wholefood CBD Hemp oil

Seshat Botanicals is founded on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. One of the very few CBD brands that supply Mechanically cold pressed, food safe CBD hemp oil to the European and UK markets. After almost 10 years representing testing and engineering services in the medical device industry, our founder Jason Delaney set up Seshat Botanicals as a sustainable business aimed at making a difference in the lives of many.

Back in 2017 I looked at CBD products as a natural way to help with work related stress and better sleep. However, I found the marketing messages of even top brands lacked the backing of 3rd party oversight in terms of quality and safety. Coming from a highly regulated industry I was acutely aware of the need for compliance.

Looking a bit deeper almost all brands used isolates, or were ‘blends’; cannabinoid and terpene enriched, elements added back to make them whole or full spectrum. Additionally they were extracted using solvent-based methods like ethanol or supercritical Co2. I was looking for a safe natural food product I could feel confident consuming, but none of this, said safe natural remedy to me.

I’m talking in the past tense but today, almost all CBD products are made this way. There are even ‘top’ quality synthetics. Is this a problem? Maybe not, but consumers need to make informed decisions and know that what they are consuming is safe. One reason why almost all CBD products on the UK and European markets need novel food approval. I started Seshat Botanicals on the basis that others would also see the benefit in consuming an organic wholefood CBD hemp product, rather than novel foods.

Keeping it close to nature

Sun shines through the trees, girl sits in grass gazing at itThere is no magic pill; rest, quality nutritious food, healthy thinking and moderate exercise contribute to lifelong good health and wellbeing. Our bodies and minds are miracles of nature. Nourish them with what they need and they will repair, heal and maintain.

I’m passionate about health and well-being and believe in the power of organic wholefoods. Consuming quality, diverse wholefoods is first line medicine. Our bodies recognise food, and make best use when consumed whole. I’ve founded Seshat Botanicals on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. True synergy or ‘entourage’ comes with minimal processing.

The healthful power of hemp, I believe lies not just in CBD but in all the compounds of the plant working together. That’s why I didn’t put a product on the market until I could ensure it was safe, certified organic, and as close to its natural form as possible.

Seshat CBD+ is a certified organic hemp extract with quality and safety backed by independent 3rd party testing. Mechanically cold pressing maintains all the compounds without chemical alteration. All the partnering constituents of hemp, CBD – CBDa, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and all the micro nutrients as they naturally occur. That’s where I believe true entourage lies.

Working hard needs balance, I love to be out in the elements emersed in nature. If I’m not out trekking the hills and forests, you’ll find me on the water, sailing, windsurfing, or paddle boarding. I also took golf up during lockdown and that’s a bug that’s starting to get a hold!

CBD Oil in UK & Ireland - Safety Tested, Organic & Wholefood Hemp

Trust and confidence; a silhouette of a hand reaching out to another with the sun in the background. Our product is CBD oil safety tested, organic and wholefood. One of the few CBD Oils in UK, Ireland and European markets, that is not a novel food. Classified as a food supplement not requiring novel food authorisation. A safe wholefood hemp product far superior than any CBD novel food extract.

You can buy with confidence, knowing you are receiving the very best. Organic wholefood CBD hemp oil with quality and safety of every batch verified by independent test labs. Find out more about testing and see the most recent test reports here.

Support when it's needed

Any questions on your mind please feel free to reach out. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated! For immediate answers to our most commonly received questions see our FAQ section. Want a comprehensive look at CBD, Cannabinoids and Hemp? check out CBD: No.1 eye-opening guide without the hype. You can also find out about Seshat Botanicals – what’s in the name?

Sincerely wishing you and your family, good health, happy and fulfilling lives!

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