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Phytocannabinoids originating from Hemp may supplement endocannbinoids produced in the body and contribute to health and wellbeing.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds, essentially messengers that bind to cell receptors in the body and have varying physiological effects.

It might come as a bit of a surprise to some readers but Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced in the body. Endogenous meaning growing or originating from within an organism. They also occur in plants (phyto) called phytocannabinoids. The cannabis / hemp plant being the largest plant source of cannabinoids has over 100 different phytocannabinoids identified in various strains of the plant. The most well known phytocannabinoids being the psychoactive compound Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the non psychoactive cannabinoid, Cannabidiol (CBD). Both of which occur in their acid forms in the growing plant. CBDa makes up to 40% of hemp plant extract. Many producers then decarboxylate the extract to convert it to its neutral form CBD. You may find our blog on decarboxylation of interest in further understanding acid and neutral forms and what difference it makes.

Consuming phytocannabinoids may supplement endocannabinoids as well as contribute to health and wellbeing. In saying that the research is still on going. You may want to consider your own independant research, NCBI database could be a good place to start. We also have an extensive article with researched references on CBD and its partnering hemp constituents.

As well as naturally occuring in the body and in plants synthetic man made cannabinoids emulate the effects of THC and CBD cannabinoids on the body. They are illegal now in most countries. They are cheap to produce and have found their way into some unscrupulous CBD vape and gummy products.

Entourage effect means much the same as Synergy. Where the interaction of two or more substances produce a combined effect greater than their separate effects. The term entourage effect relating to the cannabis plant is that many compounds including phytocannabinoids and terpenes when consumed together are more beneficial than isolated compounds. Consume as close as nature provides that’s our philosophy.

CBD benefits. Similar to endocannabinoids produced in the body; Phyto cannabinoids including CBD found in the hemp plant also interact with cell receptors. This includes the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a communication system of cell receptors that helps to regulate a healthy balance in the body.

There is limited and non conclusive scientific evidence that CBD and other constituents of the hemp plant may provide health benefits.

CBD is consumed by many with the aim to promote overall balance in the body. Others aim to alleviate specific health challenges like: – Reducing stress and anxiety – Promoting better sleep – Relieving chronic and inflammatory pain

While many studies indicate the potential healthful benefits of consuming Phyto cannabinoids understanding the full biological effects requires further research. As well as how cannabinoids interact, their specific benefits are also the subject of many scientific studies. We highly recommend you depend on independent unbiased research.

We have created a blog on this here is the link: hemp oil vs CBD

Seshat CBD+ Q&A

No our products will not get you high.

Just like alcohol in trace amounts will not get you drunk; THC in trace amounts will not get you high. Seshat CBD+ is non-impairing and non-addictive with THC not detected in 3rd party lab testing.

In Europe only hemp products extracted solely by Mechanical Cold Pressing are food or food supplement. Cold pressing is a traditional method to extract juice and oils from plant bio mass. Including fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. For example regarded as a high quality food for over 5000 years extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olive seeds by mechanical cold pressing.

Synthetics, isolates, enriched products and extractions that produce a final product that significantly differs from hemp require an approved application for ‘novel food’ status in the EU.

The US has yet to establish any distinctions. Moreover at this time the FDA have not approved any products containing CBD as food or a food supplement.

Regarding legality and definition – Our mechanically cold pressed hemp oil products are food supplements in Ireland and notified with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). This does not confirm nor imply legality nor food classification in other jurisdictions.

Our products are derived from mechanically cold pressing Cannabis Sativa L. industrial Hemp. Cold pressing maintains all the constituents of hemp without alteration; compounds are neither added nor removed.

An industrial hemp harvest may legally contain the psychoactive cannabinoid THC in very low amounts <0.2% in EU. Our final products have no psychoactive effects and are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure THC is not detected. See our test reports for lot specific results.

However, while THC is not detected, our products may contain the non-psychoactive precursor THC-a. THC-a may still be considered a positive in workplace urine drug tests. Therefore trace amounts of either THC or THCa could potentially cause a positive in a urine drug test. If this is a concern for you we would suggest not consuming hemp products.

Unless confirmed undetected using UHPLC-ms/ms, a highly sensitive analytical tool; most CBD / hemp products will contain some traces of THC or the non-psychoactive precursor THCa. Although non-psychoactive, THCa is still considered a positive in workplace urine drug tests. If this is a concern for you do not consume hemp products.

Experimenting with CBD dosage is best done with a format that’s flexible like oil with a dropper. Our own product Seshat CBD+ contains a minimum of 1000mg of CBD-CBDa. As a result of mechanically cold pressing partnering cannabinoids, terpenes and micro nutrients are also present. We believe this provides the best possibility for bio availability and true entourage effect, a little may just go along way. Using total CBD (CBD+CBDa*0.87) as the bench for dosage our daily recommendation is 0.75ml of the product which contains a minimum of 25mg of total CBD.

Taste cbd hemp oil varies depending on extraction method and add backs including flavourings. Cold pressed Seshat CBD+ is naturally abundant in terpenes offering a complexity of taste and aromas like no other.

As our oils are mechanically cold pressed they are naturally abundant in terpenes and chlorophyll. ‘Great’ natural taste is subjective. The naturally occuring terpenes are largely responsible for the complexity of taste and aromas, while chlorophyll can add an earthness. Many lovers of the taste describe it as ‘a natural earthy wholesome hemp taste’ and experience a warming sensation as they swallow. If you are new to hemp and or have a sweet palate you may find the taste takes a little getting use to. But soon you might find you enjoy the natural complexity of the taste.

Sublingual (under the tongue):

The oil’s compounds quickly diffuse into the blood through the mucous membrane under the tongue. This method is best to help bypass the environment of the digestive system. Squeeze the amount required under the tongue and let it absorb for a minute before swallowing the remaining oil.

If it is your preference to disguise the taste you can always follow it with a drink of your favourite beverage. Or add to your favourite smoothie, yogurt, salad dressing, hummus or other foods particularly with an oil base.

Many producers of CBD related products use non-aqueous based methods of extraction which destroy delicate compounds particularly terpenes and can leave a harsh taste. Using these methods the extraction requires dilution, MCT from coconut is commonly used as it has a neutral taste. Terpenes are often added back and additional flavourings to further mask the taste.

Seshat CBD+ is one ingredient, without added flavours or any constituents added back. Maintaining the natural constituents and their flavours we keep our products as close as nature provides. We know that we cannot please everyone but we can appeal to the taste buds of many!

As the most abundant cannabinoid in industrial hemp yes our oils contain CBD. Our oils are a product of the whole plant. However they are more than CBD, they are raw whole plant virgin oil, with the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and micro nutrients all naturally occurring.

For a more detailed explanation on CBD and the Hemp plant consistuents check out our blog entry on CBD without the hype!

Most other providers of Cannabinoid, CBD and Hemp related products extract using non-aqueous methods. Further processes include decarboxylation and adding back elements to make the product full or broad spectrum. These processes affect the plant’s delicate constituents. Moreover the natural cannbinoid ratios change and produce a product quite removed from its original natural state.

We believe these changes affect the synergy of the plants constituents and significantly differs from a ‘natural’ product. Our products are cold pressed whole plant virgin oil, with no additional heat or chemicals used. They do not contain altered chemical structures. We do not isolate or add anything back. Therefore we describe our products as containing All the natural goodness, taste and aromas of the Whole hemp plant™. The natural goodness being the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols and micro nutrients that all occur naturally and without alteration.

You may find our blog on decarboxylation of interest.

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Our shipping and returns policy should address most questions you have. If you have any other questions on your mind you are welcome to contact us. We will be glad to help you out.

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