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Refer a friend - Give 15% off Get 10

When you refer a friend you earn a tenner store credit. That’s for every new purchase made via your unique link or code.

Refer a friend - Give 15% off Get 10
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Saving all the time. A tenner store credit to your account with every new purchase via your unique link or coupon code.

Thank you 🙏 for helping us spread the word.

Tracking progress

When you enter your email address above, if you are a guest or not logged in, you will see your address at the end of the referral url. You don’t have to share your email. Instead register or log in; you will then see your unique sharing codes, your invites and coupon rewards.

Anytime you visit the site, log into your account and you will then be able to track your invites and your accumulating rewards.

Tips on how to earn rewards

All you need to do is share your link and code, no stock, no website, just spread the word.

When you sign up you will have the ability to automatically share via network links to your social followers or email friends and family. You can copy your code and freely share it however you want; text message, messenger, Instagram, even print.

  • Social channels are a great way to share.
  • Share your personal experiences; telling your story will motivate your friends, followers and finders to get involved. You know we provide world class products, they benefit from your experience and are more likely to make a purchase via your links.
  • Share a picture or video featuring Seshat CBD+ with your link and coupon code.
  • Create a QR Code of your referral link and add an easy way for people to connect.
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