Seshat CBD+ CBD 1000mg, 25mg x 40servings


Seshat CBD+ supports body and mind’s natural ability to restore and maintain balance. Promoting calm 😌, rest 😴 and relief 😊

Best CBD product you can buy. In a world filled with unauthorised CBD novel foods, its the safest and most natural supporting CBD hemp product available.

Quality, Safety and Transparency:

  • Certified Organic from seed to final product.
  • High quality European hemp is cold pressed using only mechanical means.
  • Not from synthetic, isolate, enriched, or chemically altered. Not a Novel food.
  • 3rd Party Laboratory tested – Potency of cannabinoids and terpenes verified. Non-impairing, THC not detected. Free from heavy metals and contaminants. 18 months shelf life guaranteed. (reports available to view and download)
  • Light protected and revitalized by Miron violet glass packaging.

Full spectrum CBD whole plant oil:

  • Seshat CBD+ maintains all the compounds of hemp without chemical alteration. That’s the ‘+’, CBD working in a synergistic way with all the cannabinoids, terpenes and micro nutrients of hemp.
  • High absorption and smooth botanical taste. 30ml bottle provides more healthful fats Omega 3 6. Supports digestive absorption. Smoother wholesome botanical taste of organic hemp.

Dosage: Easily adjusted 3 drops = 5mg total CBD.

Daily recommended dose: 1/2 of pipette = approx. 0.75ml / 15 drops, 25mg CBD-CBDa. (40 servings per bottle) Squeeze under the tongue and hold for several minutes before swallowing.

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Why is Seshat Botanicals the best for buying CBD oil online?

Good marketing can make a sale but only a great product brings loyal consumers back for more.

Our superior CBD oil cold pressed is the best you will find on any CBD online store or high street. Mechanically cold pressing organic hemp provides a complete oil with all the natural constituents chemically unaltered.

This offers the very best in types of CBDs out there as it is full spectrum CBD oil in the true sense. CBDA or cannabidiolic acid, is cannabidiol in its raw live form, found in a growing plant. It’s part of our 1000mg of total CBD and accompanies all the other compounds of hemp as they naturally occur. That’s the hemp extra you will not find in isolate or enriched products elsewhere.

Low quality CBD tinctures or oils are everywhere, online and high street stores are full of them. What defines low quality? No organic certification. No 3rd part lab safety testing for heavy metals or contaminants. No or narrow range testing for cannabinoids and terpenes. Unclear method of extraction used. Unapproved novel food. This all makes the content questionable.

When you try our cbd oil cold pressed product you will certainly notice the difference. How do you know ours is the best? We go above and beyond to ensure our oils are prime hemp drops. We provide a food safe potent hemp complete oil. Check out our test reports for comprehensive safety, profiling and shelf-life studies.

With so many CBD online stores many voices can be overwhelming. It’s easy to be misguided by paid celebrity endorsements and managed reviews on a company’s official site. Even third-party sites can present a carefully curated message of quality. In reality, the only thing that really matters is unbiased reviews, independent certification and third-party testing.

You will find our reviews on Google cannot be altered or taken down by us, that Google’s review policy. Some companies might think this is risky, not having control, but that’s the way we want it; honest, unbiased feedback.

Is CBD oil worth a try?

With so much variation; isolate, the strongest CBD oil, the best broad spectrum CBD oil, the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil and so on, the messages can be a bit overwhelming.

Navigating varying quality and types of CBDs, it’s understandable to have doubts and concerns. Even the legal status of CBD varying in different countries including UK and Ireland and a tainted history with cannabis may raise concern. Getting the right information to make an informed choice can be frustrating.

So is our CBD oil worth a try? In an industry that is largely unregulated, where CBD oil is available without prescription, we offer food safe cold pressed CBD hemp oil. Seshat CBD+, formerly HempOil+ is notified with the FSAI in Ireland as a food supplement. Backed by third party testing for quality and safety, our mechanically cold pressed hemp oil does not require novel food authorisation.

While medical claims cannot be made for CBD food supplements, the growing anecdotal evidence indicates plenty of therapeutic benefits. The best we can put it, for our products at least, is that the synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes and micro nutrients found in our cold pressed CBD oil may support your body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance. A balanced body and mind easily finds calm, rest and relief from the stresses of modern living.

Ultimately it is our body and mind’s natural ability to find balance that heals, not any product. Give us a try, if our product is not what you expect our returns policy has you covered for a full refund within 45days.

Buy cold pressed, true Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil

I’m sure our site is not the first site you’ve come across that sells CBD oil. So many options, countless brands, different types of CBDs, flavours, concentrations and celebrities casually endorsing them. My head spins!

Seshat CBD+ contains 1000mg CBD CBDA Hemp oil with all the partnering constituents of the plant unaltered. You get all the constituents of hemp without alteration. That’s the ‘+’, unaltered wholefood hemp oil. It’s where we believe true entourage lies. True full spectrum 1000mg CBD oil. It doesn’t get better.

One Organic Ingredient:- Cannabis Sativa L. industrial hemp.

100% certified organic 🌿 mechanically cold pressed whole plant oil.

CBD-CBDa – 1000mg – 25mg per serving – 40 servings

The synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes and micro nutrients supporting your body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance; bringing calm, rest and relief from the stresses of modern living.

Calm 😌 – Rest 😴 – Relief 😊

For quality and safety see lab test reports for details. THC not detected.


One of the very few CBD Hemp products not requiring ‘Novel Food’ authorisation; our products are food.

Net 30ml / 1fl oz

The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts; that’s where you find true entourage.

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