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When you search for the strongest CBD oil UK & Ireland what are you actually looking for? CBD products come in many forms. Some marketeers aim to supply high amounts of cheap isolate CBD in a carrier oil like MCT and claim it’s the best and strongest CBD oil you will find anywhere.

CBD Dosage, how much should I take?

Epidiolex is a CBD isolate based pharmaceutical drug, used to treat two rare forms of epilepsy. Depending on the condition and body weight a patient could be taking 500mg-1000mg and more a day. Dosage of Epidiolex. This could represent as much as a full bottle of many CBD products taking daily! As an isolate product it’s potentially missing out on the synergy of other hemp compounds, which could contribute to the need for high dosage.

The World Health Organisation have reported CBD as generally well tolerated. While there is no hard and fast rule on CBD dosage, the FSA UK advises a healthy adult should take no more than 70mg of CBD a day without medical direction. In the EU product labels are required to provide a recommended daily dose, EU Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. But this is set by the supplier rather than any legal upper limit.

CBD may cause side effects

There may be side effects when taking CBD, however they seem to primarily occur where high doses are consumed. Some unwanted side effects, include dry mouth, diarrhoea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. The research suggests that the strongest CBD oil in high doses may not be the best option. 

The most extensive research on the side effects of CBD is based on the pharmaceutical CBD isolate formulation of Epidiolex. In most patients the side effects intensify as dosage rises over the first few weeks, then stabilising. Lowering the dose is also found to reduce side effects.

How much CBD should I take, depends on a number of factors.

  1. Reason for taking CBD in the first place.
  2. CBD format.
  3. CBD formulation.

Reason for taking CBD

You may be looking to CBD for quite different reasons than treating a rare epilepsy condition. Some people consume CBD and hemp related products aiming to support of their general health and well-being. While others search for the best cbd oil for anxiety or the best cbd oil for pain relief. These and other specific health goals are not medically approved benefits.

However, there is ongoing research and growing anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD and other compounds in hemp like the 100+ other cannabinoids and terpenes may help body and mind’s normal ability to restore balance. Rather than treating a specific medical condition, common sense would say; a healthy internal balance leads to coping better with stress, experiencing more calm and focus and leading to more restful sleep. In most cases people are consuming CBD hemp products as part of a healthy lifestyle with these aims in mind.

A dosage for general health and well-being will vary as everybody is different, so you might want to experiment to find what suits you best. Download our Usage Guide, it is aimed at helping you find your optimal amount and frequency.

CBD formats

CBD comes in many product formats; the best-selling is CBD oil, with edibles like CBD gummies a close second and topical product also being available. The oil format offers flexibility in terms of dose or serving size and provides the best and fastest absorption when taken sublingual. Absorption through the mucous membrane under the tongue helps bypass the environment of the digestive system, therefore making the most of the oil compounds.
Edibles are popular, however they suffer from the ‘first pass effect’, whereby the digestion system and liver partially breakdown the oils compounds. Higher dosage is likely required when compared to the more efficient sublingual method. Topicals are aimed at localised relief and we would recommend to read the label closely and CBD is typically incorporated with other ingredients and the quantity in the total product can vary widely. 
Experimenting with CBD dosage is best done with a format that’s flexible like oil with a dropper. You can also experiment with your own edibles or topical creams by adding the quantity  you desire.

CBD formulation 

Getting back to Strongest CBD oil; will a high dose of CBD isolate really give you what you want? Research would suggest that CBD works better with taken with other synergistic compounds, known as the entourage effect, where they work together to better affect.

Broad spectrum goes some way to bridge the gap where compounds are added back to CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD products aim to provide CBD in its more natural state and make to most of the entourage effect. Therefore a little may go further than an isolate or broad spectrum product. So the question how much should to take varies. Again, our Usage Guide, may help you in finding your optimal amount and frequency.

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts

If you were aiming to get Vitamin C into your diet, you could take a high dose effervescent tablet of isolated ascorbic acid. Alternatively, you could eat a medium sized orange which contains about 70mg of vitamin C, that’s 70-100% of an adults recommended daily amount.  

The reason for high dosage in tablets is that they are less bio available. Your body metabolises what it can and pees out the rest! Additionally, from an isolate tablet you’re not getting the benefit of all the other micro nutrients, calcium, vitamin A, potassium and other co factors and enzymes found in an orange.

Keep it as close as nature provides.

When you consume an orange, you get vitamin C and the synergy of all the micro nutrients. Similarly, you may get greater value from a lower dose CBD when consumed closer to it’s food source.  There are varying extraction methods, most of which produce a highly refined and chemically altered product.

However, by mechanically cold pressing CBD from the whole plant, nothing but the bio mass is removed. There are over 400 compounds found in the hemp plant, that’s true full spectrum. CBD and all the partnering constituents of organic hemp without chemical alteration. You just might find that a little less goes a longer way than the strongest CBD oil. 

Best CBD oil to try?

CBD oil 1000 mg. Best CBD oil UK and IrelandSeshat Botanicals is one of the very few brands with a food safe, certified organic and notified CBD Hemp oil. Mechanically cold pressed; to maintain all the compounds of organic hemp as they naturally occur. Clearly one of the best quality CBD oil UK, Ireland or anywhere else.

Third party lab tested for quality and safety. Experience CBD in the true sense of its most potent full spectrum form; organic cold pressed cbd oil. Each drop is
chemically unaltered phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Total CBD oil 1000mg (CBD & CBDa), and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, organic vitamins and micro nutrients. The best CBD oil to try is not the strongest CBD oil, its Seshat CBD+ food safe mechanically cold pressed CBD oil.



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