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The taste of most CBD oils are nothing like their natural origin

CBD oils in the main originate from the cannabis hemp 🌿 plant. It has a distinctive smell and taste. The complexity lies in the aromatic terpenes, chlorophyll, and other botanical compounds.

However, the hemp plant’s smell and taste doesn’t transfer to most CBD oils. It’s what we do with the plant afterwards, that determines what that version of CBD oil tastes like.

The taste of CBD oil is typically described as having a bitter, earthy, grassy taste. But the answer is a bit more complex. The types of CBD formats, carrier oil and the extraction method all affect taste.

What elements affect how CBD oil tastes?

There are different elements that affect the taste of CBD oil:

  • Terpenes – aromatic compounds are primarily what gives the Cannabis hemp plants their distinctive smell and taste.What does CBD taste like?
  • Carrier oil – used in the final product like hemp seed oil which has a slight nuttiness while MCT oil has no taste.
  • Extraction methods – Co2 supercritical extract, ethanol, butane and cold pressing all affect the overall taste .
  • Added flavourings – speak for themselves natural and artificial in origin. They mask taste or aim at appealing to a sweeter palette.

The taste of Co2 supercritical extracts

Most CBD isolate, broad or full spectrum oils are supercritical Co2 extractions. This produces a foamy precursor which is bitter tasting and orange in colour. Different variations of the final product result from further refining steps. Also the use of different carrier oils affects taste.

Taste of CBD Isolate

CBD isolate resembles a white powder which has little or no taste. This is the result of stripping all the other hemp compounds. MCT oil or medium-chain triglyceride is most commonly used as a carrier with isolate. Usually from Coconut oil it has virtually no taste.

Taste of Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD’s

Co2 supercritical broad spectrum CBD oil is essentially a CBD isolate hybrid. THC is removed and hemp compounds added back. While full spectrum CBD oil is the refined extract without removing THC. While the presence of terpenes add to the taste of hemp somewhat. Both have the slightly bitter after taste.

The ‘natural’ broad and full spectrum CBD oils most often described as having a bitter, earthy, grassy taste.

Masking the taste, to make the oil more palatable. Flavoured versions like chocolate, mint or even 🍬 skittles appeal to a broader audience.

The taste of cold pressed whole plant CBD oil

Cold pressed hemp seed oil is a healthy nutritious food and used as a carrier oil in quality CBD oils. This method of traditional cold pressing can also apply to the whole plant. Removing only the hemp plant biomass all the compounds remain intact. So that’s full spectrum CBD oil in the true sense.

Look out for Co2 extracts marketed as cold pressed whole plant oil. Also isolate added to cold pressed hemp seed oil. Both are not the same as traditional cold pressed whole plant hemp oil. The organic hemp oil compounds remain chemically unaltered. Thus maintaining the distinctive smell and taste of the hemp plant.

“Wholesome botanical taste of cold pressed organic hemp.”

From the same hemp plants, we use organic hemp oil, cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier. It contributes a slight nuttiness to the taste and adds essential fatty acids ( EFAs ), omega 3 and omega 6.

Concentrated oil, concentrated taste. We don’t concentrate our oils.

CBD oil 1000 mg. Best CBD oil UK and Ireland

Our CBD oil 1000mg of Total CBD is in a 30ml bottle rather than a 10ml bottle / 10% concentrate. Sure, it’s more costly to produce and ship, but it results a better product. We use the larger bottle to add EFAs and provide a smoother tasting oil.

We like to keep our oils as close to the plant source as possible. Unflavoured to maintain all the natural goodness. Taste and aromas of organic hemp complete. Distinctive wholesome earthy botanical taste of the cannabis hemp plant.

If you are looking for more information before buying CBD oil. Check out our article on the difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil.

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